Robbinsdale Entertainment Center

Bowling Leagues

Fall leagues now forming!

Whether you are a competitive bowler or just looking for a night out with friends, we have a bowling league for you.  
Contact us for more information and to get signed up today.  Have a full team, GREAT!  Looking for a team, we can help.

Most leagues start around Labor day and finish in March. 

List of all our leagues and times:


Sunday Sweeper 9AM (Weekly Tournament)                   
Family Affair Mixed (4 person teams)  6:00pm                                          


Color Pin Bowling (walk in and bowl)    1:00pm
Foresters Mixed (4 person teams)         6:20pm
Monday Nighters (4 person teams)        6:30pm

Olive Branches (Ladies, 3 person teams)  9:00am           
Golden Mixed (Seniors, 4 person teams)   1:00pm            
King Pin Mens (4 man teams)                   6:30pm          
Robbinsdale Mens (5 man teams)             6:30pm           


Salad Bowls (Ladies, 3 person teams)      9:00am
Lucky Eight (Ladies, 4 person teams)     12:30pm
Rapid Robbins (Ladies, 4 person teams)  6:30pm
Black Hills Mens (4 man teams)              6:30pm
Rollers Mixed   (3 person teams)             8:30pm


Ivy League (Mens, 5 man teams)             6:30pm             
Minuteman (Mens, 5 man teams)            6:30pm             
Senior Mixed (3 person teams)                  1:00pm
4 O'Clock Shift (Mixed, 3 person teams)     4:25pm
Ladies & Gents (Mixed, 4 person teams)    6:30pm
Hunters Mixed (4 person teams)                6:30pm


Youth Leagues  8:30am & 10:30am shifts

Saturday Niters (Mixed, 4 person teams)     6:00pm

What if the season has already started?  No problem.  We still have a spot for you.  You can jump in anytime.

Please submit this completed form or call Dana or Steve at (605) 342-2935 for details to sign up.